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Battery Powered

Air Purifying
Respiratory System

TH3 Protection

40x safer than N95

10x safer than N99

Breathe easily
without the respiratory
resistance of a mask

18 hours of battery life

3 airflow levels

Adjust the airflow to your liking

Less than 12 oz


  • Positive air pressure reduces heart, lung and heat stress

  • Stethoscopes, phones earpieces can still be used without restrictions

  • Impact resistant polycarbonate Face Shield eliminates the need for safety glasses

  • The transparent Face Shield improves communication with patients and co-workers

  • A 30 min. Battery Alarm makes sure you will never run out of purified air

  • Automatic Flow Check at start up guarantees proper function before a shift starts

  • The integrated Airflow Sensor keeps track of your air supply

  • The sealed Face Shield accommodates facial hair and eyeglasses

  • Durable but light weight design

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